Texans must obviously like Pleasant Now in this case the conversation is much different.Matthew Stafford Jersey Eddie Pleasant would take over the starting job. Since they just offered him a new contract,Peyton Manning Jersey the Texans must obviously like Pleasant, but it's unclear if he would be ready to start right away.Marcus Mariota Jersey Weddle would be a good pickup to deliver the same type of production, maybe even slightly better,DeForest Buckner Jersey as Demps did. However,Luke Kuechly Jersey there are questions surrounding Weddle. He is expecting a big payday first of all,Jay Cutler Jersey and this isn't one of the Texans' pressing needs. Second,Taylor Decker Jersey he just played his worse year, although it is important to note that he missed three games.T.Y. Hilton Jersey Third, he is 31 and just in terms of his personality might not be the mentor type.Drew Brees Jersey The point of bringing in a veteran is for him to be a steady voice in the locker room and help the younger players grow. It is unclear whether Weddle can do that and on top of that he is on the bad side of his career.Joe Montana Jersey Therefore, whether or not the Texans retain Demps, I suggest that they do not sign Weddle